I apologise beforehand for the lack of photos because this was a chop chop dinner and there were still cheese buns to be dealt with (posting about their awesome cheesy goodness later!!), so there’s only this photo of my huge bowl of Guacamole.


Here’s how I describe my guacamole,


Forgive me for being so lame hahahaha. Anyway, don’t mash the avocado too much because having chunks of avocados left in is the best! And so is having some chopped up sweet white onions and juicy tomatoes great! They complement the creaminess of the avocados so well. All that’s left to do is to hit it with the tangy lemon juice and you’ve got the perfect dip or snack or in my case, dinner.


3 medium ripe avocados, mashed
1 medium tomato, cubed
1/2 white onion, cubed
1/2 lemon, squeezed
salt, to taste
pepper. to taste
5 stalks of coriander, chopped
5 stalks of spring onion, chopped

1. Mix everything together, wooohoooo!
2. If you want to keep it, cling wrap the surface so that the guacamole does not get oxidised by the air and turn an ugly brown.

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