Hello! I’m Claudia, a child of God, blessed by His grace and mercy. By day, I study the science and art of Medicine, though I’m often caught day dreaming of crazy food ideas or reading recipes. I like to bake and cook, people always ask which one I like more, but it all depends on my mood. I love eating veggies (thanks to my mom who started feeding me blended broccoli since I was two) but I’m not vegetarian because I definitely can’t survive without my roast pork. Or beef. I also like to take photographs, sometimes with digital, sometimes with film. I’m known for my epic travels, wandering around the world whenever I get long breaks. One of my favourite activities is to roam around supermarkets, marvelling at the sheer diversity.

As you can see, I like to dabble in a lot of things, so Oh my hummus is a culmination of all my loves. I love hummus, especially after visiting The Hummus Bar in Budapest where they basically made hummus hip. Everything about hummus is hip. It’s name, it’s ingredients, it’s versatility to be paired with many things. It’s my dream to one day be as hip as hummus. I’m kidding. My real dream is to one day set up a cafe next to my clinic. That’ll be cool.

Till then, I’ll just be blogging about my kitchen adventures; recipes inspired from my travels, TV and random dreams (I dreamt of boiling an unripe avocado, maybe that will turn out nice hah), and recounting my travel adventures.

Thank you for stopping by!

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The Straits Times, May 1 2016

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