Haven’t been updating at all because school is just so so tiring. I’m currently in my Surgery posting and the day in the hospital starts at 7am and ends at around 4pm. After that, I’m just too tired to do anything else ): It’s quite a new truth to me that my learning now is basically opportunistic. Whatever you learn is based on (i) whether you put in effort to run around and find stuff to learn (ii) pure luck. We missed a chest thoracotomy (an emergency opening of a chest) because we were stuck in tutorial. Retrospectively, we should have just excused ourselves from the tutorial and just left to watch because thoracotomies are extremely rare. We managed to practise suturing because a really nice doctor came up to us in the ED and asked if we wanted to help suture a deep cut up. This new truth comes quite as a shock to me but I’m getting used to it and am prepared to run around the hospital just to learn.

Anyway, you can only imagine how precious weekends are, just that they fly by so quickly. D & I are making crepes today for lunch, so I’m quite excited about how that’s going to turn out!  Will post the crepes recipe if it’s good. Meanwhile, you can follow me on instagram at ohmyhummus_. It has all my latest kitchen adventures, especially now when the lag time between cooking and posting is ten million years.

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